Getting on the Right Track with Efficient Betting

These days, the popularity of CS:GO betting can hardly be ignored. There are a lot of resources that give you an opportunity to bet and earn money. While the market is currently overwhelmed, there are plenty of unreliable sites. You should stay away from them. Otherwise, you are about to get into trouble. Online scammers know how to steal your money and sensitive data with ease. Don’t let them do so by focusing on reliable betting resources like

The Basics of CS:GO Betting

CS:GO is a first-person shooter game that was initially brought to the market in 2012. In each gaming session, one team plays the roles of “terrorists” and the other team plays the roles of “counter-terrorists.” The strategic goal of the terrorists is to place a bomb within the map’s indicated bomb sites. The counter-terrorists aim to prevent the terrorists’ plans. Either team may win a round by eliminating all five members of the opposite team within the clearly stated time limit. Each game doesn’t last longer than one minute and 55 seconds.

In competitive CS:GO, most games take place in the 3-games format. Eventually, you may come across best-of-5, best-of-2, and even best-of-1 matches, depending on the particular event. Each game involves 30 rounds within an overtime period if the game is tied 15-15 by the corporate regulation. Halfway through the 30-round game, the teams will switch their roles in the game. In other words, terrorists will become counter-terrorists, and vice versa.

The Additional Things to Know about CS: GO Betting

If you’re a newcomer to the eSports betting world, you might not know that there are lots of games you can bet on. These include League of Legends and Call of Duty. Most of them have a similar principle of work. There are opposite teams which are standing against each other on the way to clearly-stated rewards.

Before you start your gambling adventure, you will have to select a suitable site that enables competitive eSports betting. Fortunately, there are lots of free sites online that can help you with the choice. For example, CSBet offers sufficient information on betting. This includes odds, teams, bets, and many other nuances.

Making CS: GO Odds Clear

Now that you want to proceed with a betting journey, you should learn how the odds in CS: GO work and how to measure the potential payout of a winning bet. Generally, you will find the American odds format the most convenient. The negative number points to the sum of money to be bet to win $100. At the same time, a positive number points to the sum of money to be won if you wager $100.

If you see a team with negative odds, it means that they are the favorites. Consequently, your returns will most likely be small because everyone bets on this result. This is why you should choose those odds that give your more realistic and adequate chances of making a profit. 

Types of CS: GO Bets

CS:GO offers a variety of betting types, ranging from basics to advances. These can be Map Winner or Overtime. You can say that CS:GO has something to do with soccer when it comes to the general strategy. Here’s a list of some of the most popular bets you can place in CS:GO:

  • Bet on the map winner. There are seven maps involved into CS: GO. Depending on the selected event format, there can be a best of one or a best of three. Thus, you can bet on the winner of a specific map and receive more attractive odds.
  • Bet on the event winner. This type of bet is quite straightforward because it allows you to bet on the tournament winner directly. It will be the best thing if you don’t try to guess a winner or make your favorite a potential winner. Instead, you need to analyze some recent team statistics and determine the most potential candidate for the role of a winner.
  • Bet on the series winner. Betting on a series winner is a more complicated odd. It needs at least one of the maps to bring an excellent benefit to both teams. This can be the third map that has been taken after the pick and ban stage. If a team didn’t care about the negative tendencies like a ban it, it is pretty much sure of its excellent performance.
  • Try spread bets. These moneyline bets often remain the only option available. On some vents, there will be a spread bet option. You can detect spread wagers by checking the availability of “+” for one of the teams and “-“ for the other indicators.

5 Essential Tips for Winning a Bet

You won’t go far without additional hints given by professional bettors. Of course, there are a lot of significant tips to be given. These are some of the most striking ones:

  • Use online resources to collect the relevant data regarding the professional CS:GO betting scene.
  • Make sure to see some CS: GO matches to understand the format of an ongoing championship or any other event.
  • Analyze the current performance of the team. Look through the recent news and general statistics before you make the final decision.
  • Bet on a single map by making sure that you check the specific win percentage for that specific map.
  • Use the information on the web to learn more about the game. It will help you follow the routine. And it will make you prepared even for the most unexpected tendencies.

Bottom Line

If you consider placing your very first bet on CS:GO, you should learn as many things as possible about it. Without knowing the details, you will feel blind. You won’t be able to make the right moves that could lead you to success.

The best piece of advice for beginners and professionals is to follow championships or even smaller events before you start wagering money. This way, you will definitely improve your knowledge and get a better comprehension of the game’s core mechanisms. Make sure it is true!

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